Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The 3 P's in a Pod

A recent class discussion centered on the following question: 
Is your library, your content, and your services you offer portable, participatory, and personal? What strategies are you and your library using to make your information ecology portable, participatory, and personal?

My answer to this question is based on the library where I recently completed my field experience.Portable: Students check out books which, of course is portable... Students and teachers can also browse the online library catalog from home as well as access info. links from the library's website. Participatory: The MS welcomes suggestions and has a box for students and teachers to request materials (books, tech equipment, etc.) that are not currently in the collection. She also has a feedback/ contact form on the media website. In addition, students and teachers are polled annually about the media center and any improvements or additions that need to be made. Students also participate in creating and producing the morning news show.Personal: In order to appropriately build a media collection, the MS must know the learning community so that needs, interests and skills can best be matched. Teachers are also encouraged to personalize digital materials to better meet their needs. The MS provides a sign up sheet for teachers to request the MS to teach specific lessons based on what their classes are currently studying. The MS can then integrate info skills with content areas.

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