Thursday, July 15, 2010

Balancing Act

The amazing thing about technology is that it really does fit in EVERY content area. Even PE standards can be integrated with technology by having students create demonstration videos for the school PE website to teach other students PE skills or by using web graphing tools to graph running distance and times, etc. 

The problem is that many teachers do not feel comfortable enough using technology in the classroom to the extent it can be used today. The high school and elementary school students today have never known life without the internet. While some students will still learn without incorporating technology into the classroom, others may tune out since we are not "speaking their language." We really need to meet the students where they are and today that includes a high tech world. That being said, technology isn't everything. Effective teachers creatively blend traditional strategies, resources and tools with new ideas and technology. Word processing tools are great but let's not forget how to write with a pen a paper once in a while too. Balance is a good thing. 

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