Friday, January 11, 2013

Using Book Trailers in the Classroom

Reluctant readers often feel lost in a library or classroom when given time to read. These students don't know how to choose a book they enjoy because they haven't yet discovered the joy of reading. These are the students who can be heard saying, "I can't find anything to read." Book trailers, much like movie trailers, are short commercials about books intended to spark the viewers' interest in what they might like to read next. Book trailers are the perfect filler activity when you've got a few classroom minutes between activities. They also make great discussion starters about books and what readers in your classroom look for when selecting a book to read for fun. When reluctant readers hear their peers talk about what they are reading and what they might like to read next, they just might be encouraged to join the community of readers too. Many book publishers create book trailers to market their books and do it well. Check out the links for book trailer collections below.

School Tube Book Trailers by Random House Children's Books

Scholastic Book Trailers

More Book Trailers from Scholastic Books

Book Trailers by Harper Collins Children's Books

Book trailers are easy to make with the right tools, such as You can check out a high school book trailer I made using animoto here. Consider allowing your students to make a book trailer to advertise the books they just read instead of writing a traditional book report. Incorporate setting and other story elements as part of the rubric to guide students in the project. Feature several of the student-created book trailers on the school's morning news.

Below are a few of my favorite book trailers. Check them out!

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