Monday, July 23, 2012

More than ABC

While packing for my upcoming move to NC, one of my favorite books about my favorite state caught my attention. T is for Tar Heel, a North Carolina Alphabet and other ABC state books like it (try P is for Peach, a Georgia Alphabet) draw the reader in with color, rhythm and rhyme while tucking state symbols and bits of history among the side bars of each page. While ABC books are traditionally used with younger students, their value for teaching in the content areas with older students should not be missed. Consider creating your own class's version of an ABC digital book centered around a science, history or math theme. Choose your curriculum based theme and brainstorm with students potential words to include from each letter of the alphabet. After students choose letters, allow them to work individually or in groups to research online data bases and informational books to write a brief paragraph about their letter / word and how it relates to the overall topic. Use a rubric to keep students on track while providing additional guidance during each step of the project. Consider using digital format such as a blog, digital picture book, or even a simple power point slideshow to combine each student's or group's letter page for the final product. Share the project on your class website for parents and others to enjoy. It's way more than ABC! It's collaboration, research and technology integration at it's best!

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