Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Travel Team by Mike Lupica

Title: Travel Team
Author: Mike Lupica
Publisher / Date: Penguin Group / 2005 (Reprint)
Genre: Young Adult Novel, Fiction
Themes: Sports, Overcoming Odds, Family Relationships, Friendship
Summary: Danny lives with his single mom and has always been small for his age. At 12 he wants nothing more than to be taller and make the travel basket ball team. He can deal with his height, but dealing with not making the travel team is another issue. His father, a one time basketball star, is dealing with his own disappointment after being injured in a car accident. He will never play again as a pro, but decides to put his passion for the game into forming a new team for Danny and others who should have made the travel team but were unfairly cut from the team.
Curriculum Connections: Language Arts: Leisure Reading
Notes: Contains realistic language including an occasional curse word. Lupica has a natural talent for hooking the interest of boys, especially those who tend to be reluctant to read on their own. Click here to visit the author's website and to find similar titles.  *The author's website also has a video of a recent interview with Lupica on the Today Show. 

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