Friday, January 21, 2011

Naming Liberty by Jane Yolen

Title: Naming Liberty
Author: Jane Yolen
Illustrator: Jim Burke
Publisher / Date: Philomel / 2008
Genre: Historical Fiction, Picture Book
Themes: History, Freedom, Immigrants, Social Studies
Summary: Yolen weaves parallel stories in this beautifully illustrated picture book. While telling the true story of how the Statue of Liberty was built, she also tells the story of a young Jewish girl from Ukraine and how her family came to America. As they journey to the new land of freedom, she ponders what her American name will sound like. She is welcomed to America first by the Statue of Liberty and decides to share her name: Liberty, or Libby, for short. 
Curriculum Connections: Upper Elementary: Social Studies (coming to America, religious freedom, significance of the gift of the Statue of Liberty and how and why it was made) 
Notes: The parallel story format of this book may be confusing to younger readers, but provides a fantastic historical picture for upper elementary students.

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