Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Week in the Woods by Andrew Clements

Title: A Week in the Woods
Author: Andrew Clements
Publisher / Date: Anthenum / 2004
Mark, an only child of wealthy parents, is faced with yet another move to a new school. Knowing that he will only be at the new school for only a few months, Mark has no desire to get to know anyone, much less his teacher, Mr. Maxwell. Little does Mark know that this fifth grade teacher is different from teachers he's had in the past. Mark discovers this the hard way when he attends a week long 5th grade field trip and gets lost in the woods. Clement draws the reader in with elements of boy versus teacher and boy versus nature.
Themes: Camping, nature, student-teacher relationships, survival  
Curriculum Connections: Grades 4-8 Character study, science
Notes: Clements draws even the reluctant reader in as many students will be able to connect with the main character rather quickly. An excellent book! 

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