Thursday, August 12, 2010

Arthur and Guen: an Original Tale of Young Camelot by Jon Koons

Title: Arthur and Guen: an Original Tale of Young Camelot
Author: Jon Koons
Illustrator: Igor Oleynikov
Genre: Fiction, Picture Book
Publisher / Date: Penguin Group / 2008
Themes: history, foreshadowing, 
Summary: This fictional story takes place when King Arthur is just a boy and meets Guenevere for the first time. The two quickly become friends and battle against thieves with the assistance of a magical sword. Merlin, the wizard,  appears in the shadows and comments that it is not time yet Arthur and Guen to meet so he casts a spell on them so that they will forget that they ever met. The two friends claim they will never forget each other, but Merlin's spell works and the two new friends go their separate ways while the reader is given hints that they will meet again, when the time is right. 
Curriculum Connections: Grades 1-2: elements of fiction, pleasure reading;      
Grades 3-5: History of King Author, Camelot; literature study: foreshadowing 
Notes: The history connections will be lost on younger students but the elements of magic, princesses and knights are likely to captivate their attention. 

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