Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Wouldn't Want to Sail with Christopher Columbus... by Fiona Macdonald

Title: You Wouldn't Want to Sail with Christopher Columbus: Unchartered Waters You'd Rather Not Cross
Author: Fiona Macdonald
Illustrator: David Antram
Publisher / Date: Children's Press / 2004
Genre: Nonfiction, Picture Book
Themes: History, Explorers,15th Century
Summary: What was it really like to sail around the world in the 1400's into the land (or sea) of the unknown? This book takes an informal, humorous look at what life was like during the time of Christopher Columbus and the obstacles he and his crew faced. 
Curriculum Connections: Grades 2-5 Social Studies: Christopher Columbus, Westward Exploration, Life and Times of the 15th Century
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