Friday, July 23, 2010

My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

Title: My Side of the Mountain
Author: Jean Craighead George
Publisher / Date: Penguin Group / 2001 (Reprint)
Genre: Children's Novels, Fiction
Themes: Survival, Nature, Man vs. Nature, Courage, Honor
Summary: First in a trilogy, this book tells the story of 15 year old Sam, who runs away from his home in New York City to his great grandfather's land in the mountains of upstate New York. With only a $40 in his pocket and a few small tools, in his search for independence, he must learn to survive on the land. Over the course of a year, Sam learns to depend on nature and finds the courage within himself to overcome the challenges he faces. He learns a lot about survival as well as independence and finds a new pet falcon along the way.
Curriculum Connections: Grades 3-5: Language Arts: Comprehension; Problem & Solution; Elements of Fiction; Journal / diary writing; Leisure Reading 
Notes: This is a timeless classic from a talented author complete with Sam's journal entries and recipes.
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